Saturday, April 1, 2017


It is that time of the year! 

The time for closing books for a while, the time for wrapping up things for the current year, the time when there is a lot of excitement around which is associated with the much awaited vacation! I think, we teachers look forward to the vacation more than the kids, with the hope of rejuvenating ourselves.

Just a couple of days ago, I got reminded about my bloggie. There was indeed a train of thoughts that rushed by and hit me which resulted in this post today. It felt like I had got back my ‘long-lost enthu’ for jotting down something here…

For long, I had been in a mechanical mode. Plain, rotten stuff, getting repeated on a daily basis, days filled with internal chaos, still on a good try to make the ‘outside’ look happy and contended. 


Often, I used to remind myself to wait and remain stay put, till I can get hold of a ladder to get out of this messy state of mind. 

And this wait, rather the long wait, somehow is getting over. Thanks to William and Philippa for bringing in some sunshine to my days, when everything else seemed to ignore me. The days I spent with them brought in some new vigour, which I was craving for! They made me realize it is far better to be with such fictional characters rather than being with real life figures whom we give our thoughts to.  It was so much fun being with them, enjoying their quirky remarks and the love and care they shared for each other!

 Jeffrey Archer, you are the BESTEST! I can't thank you enough!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Unplugging the Phobia...

These grueling contemplations
Fetch me nothing but trouble!
Still, they cram my hours
With their ‘would be –actions’ for future!
I can see everything in RED
And I know you have to confront the worst!
I can see the whole mess,
As if in a nightmare,
More painful is to perceive
You as a 'mental captive' there!
I can only show my concern,
And keep reminding the aftermath,
Or keep watching what is to follow,
And, be grief-stricken all the while from now!
Precautions are always healthier
Than trying to cure it later!

But, if you are ready to take a plunge there,
Nothing in the whole world could ever save you!

“Throw it off!” I scream,
But, it falls on deaf ears!
Yup, it can be a puzzling thought
A fear from down the mind!
Can it be ever won?
Can I cross this ocean without fear?
Is the life-size question here!
What you need is inspiration and an ignition
Of that fire in you
With all the confidence in the world!
Yup, a plan well-laid out,
A vision well –seen,
With all the willingness,
From your heart and soul,
It can be won at any cost!
Be not in a troubled state of mind,
Nor get drowned in the pool of destructive notions,
Just step out, be bold enough to say
“I wanna do it and I WILL”!
Phobias never help you win any battle,
And, there is nothing like ‘courage’ to face it!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

After each hibernation, I come here making a resolution – to keep the blog alive. But, the so-called duties of life are keeping me away from this ‘once-upon-a-time’ much loved my space on the web! My blog tells me that the last time I came here was 17th April- so that means my hibernation was looooooooooooooooong!

Nothing much had been happening. Absolutely tired and sick of what had been happening too! There wasn’t an ounce of ‘enthu’ that could at least drag me here!!! I had closed the windows to my soul and it was hindering my activities. This was something I had never done before! 

A quick question!

What happens to you when a foreign particle goes into your eyes?

You feel annoyed, irritated, uneasy or sometimes even ANGRY! Your vision gets blurred. Somehow, you want to get rid of that particle and get back to your normal state. 

Would it be better to rub or meddle with eyes? 

Definitely not! It will only make things worse!!!!!!

Splash water gently and get rid of the unwanted thing!

Is not the same with our crises too?

For quite sometime, it was the same feeling that I had! It was as if some foreign particle had entered my system! I am trying to get rid of it! 

There may be a million things to  crib about, but is there any use? I am trying to open the windows of my soul which I had closed for a while! I am trying to see if there is that light at the end of the tunnel! Yup, am seeing it, or it is just my wish that I see there! Let Time tell me!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Today was a WEIRD day! I am not sure if the adjective used is apt here. 

We are marching towards the vacation and that thought brings in some joy. But it is also a time when many changes happen, some are good, some are bad, but that is life, a mixture of all these!

So, happenings from today! That too was a mixture!

So from today, Reena is no longer a colleague. I came to know her as a colleague and then we became good friends. I would surely miss her pranks, and my comments that irritate her. But there is no ‘Bye’ that would come out from both of us! The thought that she has left is a little painful and I would miss her at work! 

This was an awesome one. Gauri has been showing great interest in books these days and I saw into that I could do everything to get him stuck in the wonderful world of reading. Last week I got him a set of Hindi stories too, but he wasn’t that attracted to those. Today when I met his Hindi Sir, I casually mentioned about it. What happened after this was amazing! Just after 5 minutes, Sir came to me and handed me a small piece of paper and said, “Give it to Gauri, Miss!” I opened it and what I found made me sooo happy. It was a small letter to Gauri!

Hello Gauri, 
How are you? I miss you so much. Hope you are enjoying your holidays. I have a request to you. If you like your Thomas Sir so much and if you want to be a good boy always, then read the books that your mom has given you. I will listen to your stories once you are back at school. Please read and enjoy! Keep Smiling. Thomas Sir

I guess I don’t have to tell what happened when I gave this note to Gauri! Surely, we need more teachers like him! Hats off! Admiration won by one’s actions is more valuable than a thousand words spoken! No wonder, he is a hero for his students!

My musings! The day has been weird as I had mentioned, and my musings too. Robert Frost ‘s poem “The Road not taken” trapped my mind for a while. It is one of my personal favourites. A few lines kept haunting me. Yeah, it sounded absolutely wonderful! Some paths in life cannot be retreaded and it would be futile to look back and regret. Things would never be the same. It is so damn true! 

That's enough for this weird day!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Movie Time

After a long time, I got to watch an Anthikad movie - Oru Indian Pranaya Kadha. Though I was not really for a movie today, it helped me revive a bit. Anthikad is always known to come out with themes connected with ordinary lives and this too takes the same track. It gives a strong and worthwhile message to people who miss out on the little things in life, owing to their march towards power and other comforts in life! What they lose is only known, only when it is too late. Unfortunately, the transformation that happens to the protagonist happens only in movies, not in real life! A pity! It is always a pain to open the inner eye, for most people!And it is the most painful thing to realise!

And, Thanks to Vani for the share! Wished you were here for the watch!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

That's Life...

That's Life!
We yearn
We dream
With a heart full of hope
With a mind full of patience
But Life has its way of telling us
"Some things are never meant to be!"

Blindness has captured the world,
'Abstract' is never felt,
'Concrete' is loved.

Let a dream be a dream
Why spoil its beauty
Trying to realise it?
"Some things are never meant to be!"

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happiness is having loads of 'Chakka'

For the first time in my life, I 'bought' a jack fruit!!!!!! 
In Kerala, it is available in plenty and one doesn't have to really buy. Come summer, and you will get it from someone or the other, even if you don't have your own jack fruit tree! Anyway, I bought one today!  My evening was completely dedicated to this fruit which looks complex on the outer, but is sweet when you go deep into it. It is a tough task to cut and take out the fruits, all alone, but it is surely worth the time and effort put in...


In Tamil Nadu, most people just enjoy it as a fruit, the raw ones are not used in any form. In Kerala, we make a variety of dishes with jack fruit. Chakka puzhukku, chakka avial, chakka payasam, chakka varattiyathu are a few to mention!

The soft pith is great for poriyal and is one good ingredient for avial

That is not all, the seeds are used to make poriyal (thoran) and stir fry.

Chakka chips are also one great snack! On the whole, everything about the chakka can tickle the taste buds, and I just love it! Looking forward to enjoying more of this fruit during my vacation in God's own country!