Sunday, July 8, 2012

Snack Shot

Hmmmm…..the past two weeks had been really hectic, with me running around after the school hours. In fact, I could not even think of blogging. It isn’t really strange for this time of the year. July is a month of fun, excitement, suspense, surprise and what not, when Talent Hunt is in the list! This weekend also was satisfactorily busy – I can say – but I loved every bit of it. I don’t wanna call myself busy, it’s fun, lot of fun and only fun.

So when I sit down to scribble something here, I am not really able to, I am too excited to even think or write. Mind gets crowded with a lot of images, music, dances, speeches, photographs, score sheets …….I feel I am as excited as my students who are heading for this talent show! I just desired to take a break from these thoughts, and that’s why I landed here, though I have a lotta pending work.

Today was almost a crazy - lazy day. Though I had planned a lotta things, nothing really materialized. But, I loved making the much-loved evening snack –‘parippuvada’!

Phew, nothing else hits my mind – the voice in my head says - it is time to call it a day!