Thursday, March 21, 2013

Glue, but a Lovely One....

As we all know “glue” is a sticky material that bonds items together. I remember using rice for sticking inland letters while in school. I also remember using ‘maida paste’. They were just okay for that purpose. Then, there was this ordinary not-so-costly glue sticks, which were okay with their quality. There was also fevicol and the like. In the later 90s came fevistick and such stuff. And the latest was feviquick – which can be called the best among the lot. All these are fine. 

There is a unique kinda glue which I know, rather, whom I know!!!!!!! That is the Vaibhavi Glue! A special brand indeed! Once stuck, it is really a Herculean task to part with her! We can even rephrase “as sticky as glue” as “as sticky as Vaibhavi”. Hoooooooooooh! No matter how much you try to pull her apart, she will come back to the original position in no time! Whatever you do, she maintains this quality with the same tempo! Unique, rt? 

Jokes apart, that is what she has been to me! Though I have tried to put it here in a humorous way, I know it isn’t really a relationship which will fade away with time! She isn’t the best of all the students I have come across, yet she will always remain close to my heart. The reasons needn’t be elaborated. In fact, there isn’t a need for such a post, but I thought she deserves one! 

Out of the four years that I have spent in this place, there wasn't really much between us, but for the occasional sarcastic comments on her answer scripts, owing to her excellent spellings. In her own words,  ‘I was some kind of a demon (who never knew to smile) coming to the class, and she was kinda scared to talk to me.’ I don’t really remember how she was able to break the strong fence that I had carefully built. Yeah, she did it without much difficulty, and that is what still amazes me! I don’t remember when this fence broke, but I am happy that it did! 

It has been rightly said:

So dear Poetess, I am not planning to miss u, better be with Me!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A 'brand new' Experience...

Not even in my wildest dreams had I ever seen this. There are umpteen wonderful things that I like about being a teacher. And, there are two lil ‘dumbo things’ that I hate about it too – Paper evaluation and Invigilation. A week ago, I don’t know if I was dazed or too surprised to receive this order from the Board of Education, Puducherry – for Invigilation duty in a government school in Puducherry. 

It was the first time something like this was coming my way, and I was too confused what this experience would turn out to be. For me, it appeared to be a Herculean task – the reasons are many! What I have heard from people around were all a little scary! Even when I attended the meeting, I felt this is going to be a tough task. And, I hate this kinda job! Well, that is my attitude problem! 

Today, I am convinced! I was totally under a wrong impression!!!!!!!!!!!! We were instructed to keep a very ‘strict face’,(Lol, you know I can't). I tried my best to look very stiff, oh my …so funny that was!!!!!!!! The students looked, rather stared at me as if I were a demon. I don’t know if it was my ‘STIFF FACE TRICK’ that worked well here. The students were so well-behaved and never gave me any trouble at all. They were fully engrossed in their business and no one really tried to indulge in any kind of malpractice! Everything went on well till the last moment. 

It was a brand new experience for me!!!!!!!!