Monday, October 29, 2012

A Voyage with Pi...

Not really raining cats and dogs, yet hols declared for schools in Pondy! Seems, just like me,  rains have decided to be in love with Pondy for a while! A cyclone hitting Pondy was also predicted! Pondy still holds the disturbing reminders of “Thane”, hope this one is not so devastating! 

No usual Monday Blues - may be that's why, I woke up feeling energetic. I felt something had induced positive vibes into me. I allowed, rather requested it to fill fragrance into my day! 

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t really in for a holiday today! It feels like ages after we had a full school session. Also, there was nothing much to do, couldn't plan to go out, all that I could see was the dull weather outside, obviously a holiday didn’t make much sense! 

“Sense” – is one word I cannot really come in terms with, most of the time. Oh again - I don’t wish to digress!!! 

Answer scripts would have craved for my touch, but I was in no mood to fall for them. While I sensed the need for something out of the routine, I wasn’t really able to decide on what it should be. What could be enticing for this day? It seemed to be a perfect day for picking up a book and staying all day in its company. Books are always a great company, when no one else has time for you. People are busy, they have their own priorities, and we can't compel anyone to give us their time.Books never betray you, ignore you or make you feel down, instead they make you emotionally rich and help get you out from the weird mood swings. Better hang out with them!

Browsing through the collection I hold, “Life of Pi”, the one that Flavia had given me, caught my fancy! “Yup, today is with Pi, the 16-year old survivor from a wreck”, I made up my mind! It is an old one, I had planned the read a long time ago, but it had never happened! Today, with mind going in this direction, I would make it happen, SURE! In no time, I did with everything I had to do for the day + made some beetroot juice which I thought would add taste to my voyage with Pi! It proved to be perfect combo later! 

A Wonderful Combo they made!

Gauri also picked up the book Pappu gifted him, so we had some absolutely good reading time! I was indeed happy that much of time was spent with this extremely adventurous and audacious novel. Four and a half hours of pure ADVENTURE! No wonder, it had grabbed the Booker Prize. ‘Terrific’ is the only word, I can think of to describe this absolutely compelling story! Hats off to you Yann Martel…

The background score for the day was the much-loved parayathe ariyathe....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Accha, Amma, Chetta, Kalyani, Babbbbbbbyyy!

It would be perfect if I say, she came, she saw and she conquered. We absolutely had immersed ourselves into “Kalyani”! I love the way she calls me --- Mmmmmaaayyyyiiiii! 

Gauri's welcome to Kalyani...
It really felt good to have people around. I feel, their visit was indeed a perfect drug for my mind! It felt good to have so much to talk, so much to share, and most of all hear so much Malayalam all around!  It felt good to have baby talks with Kalyani! It felt good to have long beach strolls with them! It felt good to click pics with them! It felt good to go around the town shopping with them! It felt good to have late night talks with all of them! It felt so good to sit around, as if in a round table conference, jumping from one topic to other, and then getting into the game of chess! Jayan Uncle-Sankunni chess rounds were the best of all this season.

The lil munchkin mesmerized us with her ways and we were in no mood to go to sleep, she used to be awake till the break of the day!!!!!!!!! Jayan uncle is so much fun to be with. Listening to his stories from his childhood, college days and bank days is indeed a treat! He possesses s special knack for narration and it is one thing that attracts you. And, aunty can charm you with her smiles! Ammavan-Sankunni is the best combo! It’s a treat to see them sharing their news and playing around! Kalyani and Jaya fit in so well!It would have been gr8 if Syams, Aavani n Manus were here!

Kalyani enjoying her stroll along the beach!
As we waved bye, I knew today is gonna be different. With a smile on the face for pretence, I tried saying bye, but I knew it is gonna create an emptiness in the house! Just four days ago, it was the long wait that kept us going, and the past three days had been so muuucccch FUN! Our little sweetheart was here, needless to say, it was gr8 time out here! The only name reverberating through the house was “Kalyaaaannnnnniiiiiiiiii”! You ought to hear Gauri calling her! He, sure is in love with the time spent with her! We too! So, when are we meeting next Kalyanis? 

Now, back to the Pavillion! 

Have to move on to school and household chores! Yeah, it should be fun too, else I should make it fun! Wooooooooohhhh! Mind being mind, will not really allow me to, it will surely get entwined with thoughts, sometimes useful and sometimes useless, but I should be able to opt, I know everything will not happen the way I want it to be! I guess I should literally spoon this fact into my mind, before these thoughts envelop me!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Incessant Rains!

It has been a while, 

Since this drizzle started! 

A gentle, lovely drizzle, 

That brought in fresh, new ways! 

Time passed by, 

It couldn't help turning a heavy downpour! 

It now brought in a greener world, 

Around Me! 

I gazed around, 

Just to see the whole world greener and brighter! 

I ask and ask, 

With a question-marked face! 

Where do I take refuge? 

Where do I get a cozy shelter? 

Inside or Outside? 


A wise thought props in! 

Run Inside, 

A Cozy Shelter awaits you! 


A Shout within, 


A Happy ‘Drench’ awaits you! 

Me, not in a fix at all! 

Getting Drenched is better than the Safety indoors, 

After all, this life is in Pursuit of Happiness! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Day's Wait, Now.......

Trying to chuck out the shadows of melancholy! No idea, where it has barged in from! There is no reason as such! Even a little inch of my mind isn't really ready to listen what I wish to do or say! I guess it may take a little more to settle down! Okie, let me give its own ample time! B/w, let blogging help to revive the sleeping spirit in me! I should be driven by better thoughts and better moods! I should venture into stretching my imagination, to pen down something or the other! There is no point in requesting the raindrops to fall on you, it has its on time and mood to come down! Whatever, hardly have I come across such a state of mind!!!!

Bloggie, can't wait any more...I 'm rushing in there!!!!!! Even a glimpse into this space is enough to drive away these clouds.....

From Day 1, they have fallen for each other! Their eyes well up, when they say bye, after our vacation at Aluva! Then again, it is a long wait to get to be together! Yup, the time has come for another of those lovely times together – Ammava-Kuttappi-Ammayi and the one and only Kalyani!!!! 

Our Pooja hols have started and we have been doing nothing , but waiting for them! Gauri can't contain the excitement and he keeps asking me every five minutes - “Amma, how many more hours?” 

Afternoon, when everyone out here was blessed with a lovely slumber, I was awake – of course noon-nap is never in my schedule! I kept browsing through the old pics, which is one thing I always like! I found a few  from their previous visits! I simply love these pics, these can always help leave a smile within! Putting up those......

The Best Combo!
Cenci Times

Pappu's Bday @Pondy
One Fav Pic!
Singing Phoolom ka Tarom Ka Sabka Kehna hei.....for Kalyani on her B'day!
Punch line....This song is for you my dear Kalyani...

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Uninvited they turn up, 

But, reluctant to go away! 

Drifting away from them, 

Is the most difficult task! 

Save them, 

They make you over! 

Like them, 

They embrace you! 

Love them, 

They cuddle you! 

Thoughts are that which make you, 

Save them, like them, love them, hug them, 

A colorful life would be bestowed with! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flashback Mode!

We have entered that phase at school when things get busy by the day. The Exhibition is almost at the doorsteps and I guess we too are almost ready for it! Preps are going on as per the plan, kids too are really into it. 

Much to my relief, I have done with all the ten bundles of answer scripts!! But much to my agony, today I got blessed with another Grade X bundle! I guess, at least for a while I have to forget about it and go ahead with Shakespeare. 

Today was one day I loved! Exhibition Fever is all around the campus! Much of my time was spent in my fav haunt at school, the senior library! Finishing touches are those which matter for an event like the exhibition and we have been doing only that today!

Though there is a big crowd to help me out with it, I should admit a few facts! At times, especially around this time of the year, though I try very hard not to, mind gets into the Flashback Mode! 

The fun times that ‘Dew Drops’ offered are unforgettable! 

Flavieee, I miss you here! It would have been gr8 to have you around! The Casuarina times are missed! 

‘Daffodils’ is still missed and talked about! 

Hema Miss, you are much missed! Remembering the lovely times we had for Daffodils! 

Rheu, Miru, Arvind, Swa n Sunil, you ppl are missed too! 

Novi, the wall is missed too! I miss him calling me Sunie Miss! I miss his usual queries “Miss, Wats next?” 

Though they are around, I miss my X, for they are busy with their Revision Eggjamz! 

And Vaibhavi, you are gonna be missed on 20th!!!!!!!!! How could we expect an event without the poetess? 

Anyway, I am trying to shake away this “miss mode”! Better to dwell on to something that is ready to offer beauty to the eyes and peace to the mind! I don’t wish to ask for more! I guess it will be showered soon!

Yeah! Purple Times are ahead! And of course, Celebration is in the Air!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

When the Quill is stuck!

I had a huge block in getting into the blog last week. In fact, I didn’t even think of making a post. I could not get into that frame of mind at all! 

Today too, there is nothing that can be penned, but I wanted to post something. When there is nothing, only recipes can help! So posting this – Home-made Baby Corn Cheese Soup! Yummo!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh! I sooo HATE you!

Eating up so much of my time 

You make me sick! 

I so hate you 

But, you chase me every other day! 

Every trick I try to kick you out 

But, you chase me wherever I go! 

I try to evade you 

But, you come looking for me! 

Why do you bang my thoughts 

When all I wish is to push you out? 

Only You 

Yeah, Only You 

Can provide me 

What I wish for, 

Yeah, your ABSENCE! 

I doubt,

Are you a Hutch Puppy

To follow me where ever I go?

Please do put in mind,

There is no network here,

So, I plead Thee 

Do get out of my sight, YOU! 

My “lovely” Answerscripts! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Best-Loved Songs....

There is no time that can just be allotted just for songs. Be it kitchen work or some school work, there should always be some background score. It has become a way of life for years now…..Indispensable! 

Gauri and Me had a terrific time with evergreen Hindi songs, today! Earlier he used to ask me, “Amma, why do like only old songs?” But now, he too enjoys them and sings along. It’s amazing to see him picking up the tunes so fast. As I listen to some of the songs umpteen number of times, I guess he was forced to come up with this question – Amma, are these your fav songs? Yeah, a much-awaited question, I wasted no time in listing out!!!!!!!!!!

Sau Saal Pehle ...........
- Jab Pyar Kisise Hota hai - 1961

Aapki Nazrone Samjha 

Kya Hua Tera Wada..... Gauri's favourite too!
Hum kisise kam Nahin -1977

A 'wow' song by Rafi Saab....
Darde Dil Darde Jigar Dil ne....
Karz -1980

Hoton se jhulo tum.....
Premgeet -1981

Ae Mere Ham safar......
Qayamat se qayamat tak.....1988

Is jahan se nahi he tumhari aankein....Rendered beautifully by Nitin Mukesh and lata Jhankar
-King Uncle-1993

Sambhala he Meine ..
Naaraz -1994

Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam 
- DDLJ-1995

Aaye hu meri zindagi mein tum bahar banke........
-Raja Hindustani -1996

Ek Din Aap u hamko miljayenge....
Yes Boss-1997

Meri Mehboobaa....
Pardes - 1997

Tumse Milna Batein ....
Tera Naam -2003

Kyon ki ithna pyar...
Kyon Ki -2005

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Travelling with the Thoughts...

Many of my students have their own blogs and I am a regular visitor to these. Most of them are excited about making posts and every time they make a post, they ping me to tell they have made one. Even if I am busy, I make it a point to visit them and comment. Some have tech blogs, some on poetry, some on daily happenings, some on photography and it goes on…….I have pasted the links of these blogs on the school blog that I run, so that they get encouraged to come out with more of their ideas. …. 

Well, I am not gonna talk about these blogs and their content here. While these kids who have come up with their blogs are quite confident about what they do or write, there is a group which would really be happy sitting inside the shell! 

Yeah, I am right on that point. Outside academics, when I talk to them, I can make out that most are really interested in coming out, but there is one phobia which is pulling them back into the shell. They are scared to express themselves, just for one reason – what will people think of me after reading what I write!!!!!!!! Or what will be the impression formed about me if I comment? 

My thoughts take a trip this way! These thoughts had been niggling up in my mind for a while, and now I put it down here.........

Why should one hold back himself /herself from expressing his/her thoughts, especially when there is nothing wrong in it? Or even if there is a negative comment or criticism, why should one get perturbed and lose his sleep over it? People have their own preconceived notions and no matter what happens, they will never change. They have a general habit of slotting in brackets for every other person they spot. Calm seas will never make a good sailor and that explains it all. Sometimes in life, you ought to face violent seas to makes yourself a good sailor!!!! 

Expressing oneself is very important to lead a peaceful life. There is no point in depositing everything in mind and then struggling with it. Over a period of time, you tend to lose yourself and you will end up with a lot of regrets in future. I guess the present generation has a better say in matters that concern them and so they should be able to come out of these shells to make their lives beautiful instead of alienating themselves. I feel we aren’t here to hold on to pain and hurt, after all, it is a beautiful world. ‘Miserable’ isn’t the word you would be looking forward to, let it be ‘blest’! May be, at least a few who read this will get a drift of what is said! If so, I am delighted! 

Can’t really understand, how I came up with such a ‘somber’ post! I wonder if it has something to do with my time with Shakespeare, the ultimate philosopher!!!! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Not bad, Sunie! 

Just patting myself for the amount of work I have completed this week. 

It is only Thursday and I am almost done with the things in my to-do-list for the week, despite a few unexpected outings! Usually when I get into such a work mode, there is not a zilch that can stop me, and it has happened again! This week had seen me going deep into the Shakespearean Era and bringing its treasures. The 90s had seen me there, but then I had put it into the back burner, for a while!

Initially I wasn’t really sure, if it will interest the kids, but just one session with them shooed away all my doubts. Now, after having worked on it for almost a fortnight, I can see that it is turning out to be really intriguing for the kids. Old times are gonna be recreated, and the best part is that the characters from that Era are gonna come alive here! Last year, if it were the angels who pulled the crowd, this year it is gonna be the witches and witchcraft. No doubt, given a chance, I would have volunteered to do one of those, bringing back some wonderful memories from my UC days!!!!! I have always loved the witches than the fairies, for they don’t put up an appearance!!!!!!!

What else has been happening? Songs and Songs only! I guess I derived a lot of energy from these. B/w, after a long time I got fascinated by a mallu song - Aatumanal fav ppl like has become  a fam fav! Most of the time, it is the tune on the lips.....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hubby's Special..

Salads are a hot favourite at home. 

Tried out a new one today - Cottage Cheese Coconut Veg Salad! 

- Purple cabbage, Coconut, Beans, Carrot,
Cottage Cheese, Toamto, Capsicum, Lemon Extract, Salt!
Syamalu  n Lechus - try it out soon!