Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fridays or Saturdays are usually preferred to make blog posts, but I am making one today! I am not sure if ‘Lady Melancholy’ has struck me! I can’t figure out if I am cheesed off, or if I am disturbed! Weird feeling indeed! Very badly, I wish for a “liberating experience”. As someone said, it is not always rainbows and butterflies, but compromises that keep us moving forward. Okkkk- enoughhhhhh melancholy!

I remember writing about my much-loved hobbies, which have almost become ‘a thing of the past’ for me. Strange are the ways of life, times change, so do we, but it’s quite normal! And again, I am not sure if I have changed, I feel I haven’t changed much!

Okie! I have always spotted this, when I sit down to write, it is mostly the things from the past that flash across my mind. May be, that has helped me to come out with a totally different frame of mind! Whatever be the case, I always land up nostalgic!

Flipping through the years that have gone by, I just realize one thing! Friendships that had bloomed during school and college days are always the best! There is no denying the fact that we have made good friends during the course of the rest of our lives, but old friends are always special. Irreplaceable too! The beauty here is that even after years of gap in communication, we are able to start from where we had stopped! I recall being reluctant when asked to open an Orkut account back then, but coming to think of it now, I can say, it has surely made a difference to my life. These friends had become “of the past”, but thanks to the social networking sites that brought them back to the present. Getting connected through mail and exchanging at least a few words everyday over chat is a real blessing! Yeah, just getting reminded about old friends has transported me to those good old days, when life was much easier and less complicated, when mind was free from all the burdens of real life! Yeah, I have hit the ‘liberating experience’, it is done and I feel high!

It has been rightly said that ‘your blog is an unedited version of yourself.’ It’s true, it reflects the ‘person’ you are! May be, that is why I often land here to express my thoughts!

Friday, June 22, 2012

An Unfamiliar Territory

They tell us, life is a journey, where we get to meet a lot many people….

Men may come and men may go……. How aptly has Tennyson said it! People come in and go out of our lives! But, I am sure you will agree with me when I say, only a few create a lasting impression on us! Yes, people have come, peeked into, vanished, and stayed in my life too! As a teacher, I really love the relationships that I develop with my students. And, I really don’t mind expressing my real thoughts about each student, be it positive or negative, or whether they like it or not!

Let me rewind my life button and get back to 2009. That is the year I joined Primrose. There was this girl whom I got introduced to, in Class VIII. She looked tough and someone told me, she was a Pakistani. That year went on, as I was new, I kept a low profile. I didn’t make any special efforts to do more than what was needed!

The very next year, fed up of being confined to the four walls of the classroom, I decided to put an end to my self-imposed barrenness in life. What I didn’t really know was how to put that fire into me! Days went on without hitting an answer. I remember. I used to glide into the vacuity of mind, where I was sure to find answers for my queries. One fine day, I was able to bring to a halt the constant battle that was going on in my mind. Now the question was “to do or not to do”. After a lot of thought, I decided to give it a try - that was how “The Voice of Primrose” was born. My need was very clear to me – what I really craved was something that can gratify the creative vein in me and I found it in my new English Club. From the time of its inception, Rheu has been a part of the Club. She was its first President! Our bonding started with the Club, it still continues, and it will continue forever! I know I owe a lot to her, I should really give her a lot of credit for the success of many activities initiated by the club. She has always been there whenever I needed her, for anything and everything she was always ready. Even when I restricted myself from calling her during her Grade X days, she used to chase me, begging for some work! Many a time I have told her "We'll rock next year, Rheu! Let the Grade X phase pass on well" Yeah, she made me proud with her "90" in English! Love you Rheu for that! Ahhhhhhhh!  Yesterday, she came to say bye, she is moving! I never said bye! I don’t wanna say it too! I know she won’t be around calling me “Sunie Miss”, but its just that!

I don’t really know why these students are making me so emotional, first it was Swa, then Arvind, Miru and now Rheu, this is for sure an unfamiliar territory, I have never been in this territory before!!! Is this a different me??? Or, are these students different????

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Excitement is in the Air!

Blogging usually brings in some positive vigour into me….it is really exciting to pen down the random thoughts that pop up from time to time. 

Wow! The first two weeks of the first term is over, it has gone by pretty quickly. But, I guess I got a good start on my to-do-list. On Monday, I thought it would be a much harder week than it actually has been. We have announced the Annual Election, and so there was a lot of work to be carried out for the smooth conduct of the election. It was fun to see candidates going around the campus asking for votes, did I get nostalgic here???????? 

These two weeks saw me getting into the routine of getting up early, cribbing around for having to do the usual chores in the kitchen, running behind Gauri to get him ready for school(Thank God, he is not a fussy kid), and finally landing at school at least 5 minutes before the bell! Aha, old stuff again! 

Anyways, its weekend again and I can’t be happier! Though we say weekends are not weekends if we don’t spend them doing something completely pointless, there’s a lot to be done! But, as these are things which I always love to do, it doesn’t really feel like WORK! Yes, I get a feel, its gonna be a fairly relaxing weekend! A beach stroll is also in the list, after a long time! 

The week ahead also looks appealing with the “Meet the Candidate”, “Election”, Announcement of the Results” and the “Investiture Ceremony” – Yeah, its gonna ROCK! Looking forward to the excitement that’s gonna be spawned!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Finally Saturday! But I feel there aren’t enough days in the weekend! Its a HOT Pondy now and there is no question of going out at all! At least, a few calm and peaceful hours at home is more than what I can ask for!

This is my first click at school this year!
The first thought on seeing this was
- "Let this brightness get transferred to ME!"

Though a long one, the week that went by was a pretty good one, school reopened, new colleagues, new students, new syllabus, new schedules, but at least there is something old, the same old ME! And, I am happy to be that “old me”! 

Grade X students had come to get their marklists, some of them are moving! So, that is to say, will miss a few from my "lovely bunch"! The pretty lady 'Miru' had come twice, and she made it a point to meet me both the times! Though we are sure to be in touch through FB or Gtalk, will surely miss her in class, not to mention her infectious giggles!

I really thought I'd have more to tell, but my head is about to split wide open, so I can't think of anything else.