Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Vacation just fled by!

It is not that easy to get back to the ‘work mode’ after a long vacation. It takes a great deal of mind processing before you can really picture yourselves among books, classrooms, students and hourly bells. Every year this happens and it was no different this year too. Though there is “Talent Hunt” to look forward to, I had a hard time in getting into the track of things. I thought over different options through which I can accomplish the task of getting back to ‘school mode’. 

It dawned on me that there can be no better thing than drowning in evergreen Hindi songs! When I say drowning, I completely mean it ‘coz nothing else under the sun can rejuvenate me as this can! The moment I take this best-loved company, it just drags me to a better mood. I am absolutely incapable of expressing how some of the songs can make me feel completely out of the world! When you listen to some songs, you even feel that the lyrics were written just for you. It really makes me marvel at the power of music, which is capable of washing away the dust from everyday life!!!!!!!An added advantage is that it can make you feel younger! 

Inspired by the state of things this week, which some of the favourite songs offered me, I have made this resolution! Not sure if I would be able to keep it, though! Let the coming days also see me drowning in Rafi Saab, KK, Lataji, and Kumar Sanu!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Best things come to you in three FORMS – Good Friends, Dreams and Memories! And, it is indeed TRUE! I have read it somewhere, “Good friends are like stars –you don’t see them everyday, but you know they are there!”

If not for anything else, this vacation has been blissful, just becoz I could reconnect with an old friend, whom I had been long searching for! Though we couldn’t meet up, we could talk over phone and update ourselves with what has been happening in our lives! I can say, this has been one of the, NO - not “one of the”, the best thing that has happened to me in the past 10 years! 

Another bliss – a meet up with another dear friend, today! This is something I had been looking forward to for quite some time! 

I am extremely tired –thanks to our 12-hour drive from Trivandrum yesterday plus today’s 8 –hour outing! I can hear my bed calling me, but I feel fresh in mind!

Sunday, May 20, 2012



The month of May is equally exciting and tension-filled. Exciting 'coz of the vacation and tension filled 'coz it is around mid-May that the Board Exam Results are announced!

ICSE results were announced yesterday and my students have done really well!
Thanks for their hard work which led them to this path of SUCCESS!

Can't wait to see them all!
Let time fly!