Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Lovely Bunch!

I meant to make this post a week ago, but that didn't happen!
Last week, I was exhausted and it took me sometime to get back into the swing of things. Of late, I have been quite irregular with my writings. It has been quite sometime after I made my last post. There are so many thoughts to write about, so many incidents to capture, so many people to talk about, but there is always this lame excuse which most of us would give and I am no exception to it. I too would say - "I was very busy, I didn’t have time, …………………..….blah, blah, blah."

There are a lot of things that I love about being a teacher. Teaching is one profession that will make you feel young, you always have the opportunity of learning something new everyday and being with the naughty teenagers will always keep your spirits high!!!!!!

When I thought of making a new post, my 9th graders came to my mind. Of course, they are the craziest batch I have ever come across, but I love them just the way they are! I remember the first day in their class, when I was like, “OMG, How am  I gonna teach them?” They seemed to be very shy and reserved! But, I was proved wrong the very next day! As days passed, I could get to know the ‘REAL’ them. 

Today, having taught them for over a year, I could very well say that I just LOVE this batch, though they are very very naughty. What I love about them is their sincerity in work, the kind of friendship they have developed among themselves, the way they tease each other (but no one ever feels hurt) and so many other ‘lil’ things! 

There are just 17 of them, each unique in their own way.
Well, a word about each of them! 

To start with the naughtiest of the lot, (who can that be), it can be none other than Novi himself. This guy is really talented, and you can't really help laughing once he opens his mouth!!!! Miru alias Mrinallini is one pretty lady, who just love to laugh and laugh and laugh! Amazing talent indeed, she keeps laughing and makes others laugh too! There are many others like, the serious Prasanth, the most adorable Suji, (A real sweety who cant help talking of foods- don’t tell any one - she is fooooddiieee!), the obedient guy Kaevin, the witty Javeed(He is one guy who is very hard working and systematic, keeps smiling always), the most adorable guy Hari (always helpful, down to earth, and very obedient), Roshen, (Gentleman of the class), Siva, the CCCCChatter Boxxxxxxx (He likes Tamil movies a lot, cant help saying something about it very often), the playful Tamizh Malar , Sanjay, a quiet guy, Shobana, the studious girl, Rhea, the dreamer (She loves chatting, but when it comes to studies, she is just wowwww), Swathi, the cutie with twinkling eyes, (She is a good writer, a good speaker, and is very studious and industrious), Dharma alias Dharshil, , a guy who loves to experiment, the lovable girl,Hemha, and to complete this package, the insatiable Arvind, a studious guy. (He makes it a point to express his opinions, no matter what happens, but he is one guy who is the first one to apologize, if he thinks that something has gone wrong)!

Having said so much about this class, I can’t help saying about their class teacher too, Mr.Geo, a very good friend of mine! 
Together, they make a gr8 class!
Cheers to you all!