Sunday, September 30, 2012

Missed it!

I always say, Pondy is the best – but at times, I feel, it is a pain living far away from your folks. It makes me feel a bit down when I think I was not able to make it to Aavani’s Choroonu! Everyone else was there and I could feel their excitement from the way they spoke over phone! Every time I tried to shift my thoughts from it, my mind flew to her....... Hmmmm…… Missing you cutie pie!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Unposted Letter

Books are always a fascination, but this was falling in love. May be, I can go to the extend of saying falling in love at the first sight. I don’t go by looks, but this was something more than that. When the first acquaintance can create so much impact, you certainly can’t help falling in love. Yeah, I instantly realized that I have to hold it tight to me. 

Frozen Thoughts, till date, is the best magazine I have come across in all these years. Now renamed as Infinithoughts, it can even be called a life-changing magazine, for it gives you answers for all your thoughts. Every article in it is a solution to some problem or other. Being a teacher, I find it very useful with students too. 

What made me think of a post on FT, is a gift from a very special person today. “Unposted Letter” – a compilation of the articles by the Voice of Love/ Rangarajan is sure a gift for life. This may be the only book that I read through, at a stretch without taking my eyes off! I just drowned into it! The book itself appears to you as person with a beautiful smile talking to you with soft, kind words! Can’t find words to express the feel! A must-read book for adults and kids of this era! Get hold of a copy if you can and for Rosebuddies, it would be available in the senior library from Monday! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Lovely Visit

Just yesterday, we had talked about her and today she was here. She came around 3, I was in XI, with my students. 

Did I notice this? 

Was she all flared up? 

Was she a bit furious? 

Was she yelling at us? 

She came like a whirlwind, but in no time calmed down! 

Realizing her folly, she smirked at us, she made us feel bright, fresh and cool. She hanged about with us for some time, and then bade good bye. Though we parted, she left us a different feel. All I can say is – she gushed in, illuminated and boosted our spirits and then left in a jiffy! Her visit wasn’t really anticipated, for she hadn’t given any clue! 

Yeah, it rained in Pondy today. Thanks to her lovely visit, I can’t but thank her for the cool, soothing effect that she showered on me! Looking forward to her visit again……….. I have started liking her presence! 

Blogging has become a routine. It has become one of the most pleasurable pastimes now. Whenever I get a small thinking space, I ruminate on what I should blog. When I pry into the corridors of my mind, I find that I prefer writing about the little things from daily life. Aren’t these little things that make our journey pleasant and worthwhile? Don’t they shift us to a totally different plane? 

I dedicate this post to you Hemhs! But for your query today, I would not have thought about a post on RAINS!

The Campus looked plush after the rains today!
A soggy looking Gazebo!
Anbu sir was happy to pose!
The sun smiling through the foliage, after the rains!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Finally, I have come up with a name .....

Thought the b/w mode will go well with the Shakespearean Era....

Preps are in full swing.....

Location chosen .........

Materials bought.........

Work allotted........

Charts prepared............

Color code decided..........

Costumes announced.............

Flex ordered................

Students chosen.........

Kids are excited.............

Me too excited!!!!!!!

Watching out for a gr8 show!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mallu Sari Rocks!

Come October, I am gone!!!!! Revision Exams for Grade X and XII, Midterm Exams for the other grades and the Grand Finale with the English Exhibition! Ohhhh…. gonna be hectic right through….obviously a lot to complete – question papers, research for exhibition, organizing with the kids and lot more….yet I am sitting in the blog dome! Hey, ought to applaud me! 

Into the day’s post now……. 

Like a pendulum, I changed sides before coming up with this post! No doubt, it is pretty silly to write about saris here. I have never done it, I had never planned one too. Yet, it surprises me how I have gone in for a post on saris! Perhaps I should be proving that women are always the same, but NO! It isn’t a post on my love for saris………. 

You may ask, what is there to write so much about a sari? No, it is not just a sarI, it is the Mallu sari! Like Mallus, Mallu Sari also rocks and I experienced it. Yeah, it tells me that it is too difficult to hold yourself from falling in love with the Mallu sari! 

In the Indian context, sari is supposed to be the most appreciated, elegant and the most beautiful clothing a woman can wear. It gives a special look to the wearer. But at work, most of us don’t prefer it at all – the reasons are many, different to different people. Most teachers in our school have their own reasons to be happy about one thing out there. I bet you are wondering what it is! Yeah, our school doesn’t really have any strict rule on uniform or they don’t even stress on the teachers wearing sari. We go in about kurtis and salwars. I guess the introduction has turned out to a bit long! 

Okie, getting to the point here! 

I remember wearing the traditional Kerala set-mundu, for the Onam celebrations at school, the very first year I joined this school. I also remember ppl pulling my legs for wearing it, as it was all new to them. They had never seen a two-piece sari!!! , I was flooded with requests to buy a few of those by my colleagues who were fascinated by the Mallu sari. This is what I dredge up from the first year. 

But, what made me make this post was some ‘out-of-the-blue’ requests this year. 

Listen to this! 

This year too, I had worn it a coupla times to school and then started the pouring in of requests! Few of my colleagues came up first! 

One fine day, an aayah approached me, “Miss, neenge ennekku orookku poringe?” I wondered why she was enquiring it. Very shyly, she said, “ Mudinjal neenge varunbothu enakkoru kerala sari vangi varuveengala?” I agreed. That was done with there! 

A fortnight ago, when I was almost ready to pack my bags for Lekshmi’s marriage, I received orders for at least 6-7 saris. I assured to bring them all. I enjoy shopping, so it is a pleasure. 

That was also over! 

I guess, it is this last request that made me think of a post on sari. I was just astounded, when my autowalah asked me, “Madam, neenge ooruku poreinnu kelvi pettein, Veetkarrikku randu Kerala sari vangi varuveengala?? Neenge kettara mathiriye pothum!!” 

Was a there a smile on my face then? I nodded in affirmation! 

Hey Hey, Mallu Sari Rocks! Who would not get bowled over by its ethnic look!!!!!!! 

B/w, Excuse me for my wonderful Tamil, you all…… 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

William Shakespeare
The Bard of Avon
The greatest playwright of all times

Just a coupla days ago I said, I am turning out to be an addicted blogger. Hmmm… when I sit on my best-loved seat, I am unable to get any fodder for a post. Yet, I hope to make one. 

The exam season has started. Probably, the only thing I can look forward to on the creative segment this year is the “English Exhibition”. This inevitably triggers a memory recall – Dew Drops-2010 and Daffodils -2011. So, what would be the English Exhibition called this year? It is quite surprising that I haven’t finalized on a name! 

My heart springs up for sure, when I think such an event, yet I haven’t named it- that’s is Quuuuuaiiiiinnnnnntttttttt! Though I haven’t really zeroed in on a name, I have settled on the theme. 

If you are a student of English literature, the Bard of Avon can always be close to your heart. Teaching Shakespeare is pure pleasure, but sadly I have not been fortunate enough to get much chance. Usually, the higher graders have it on their supplementary readers, but that is not really the real Shakespeare, but just abridged and rewritten versions. 

ICSE offers ‘As you like it’ and ‘Macbeth’, but we have opted Modern Drama. So that is to say, I have missed this wonderful opportunity of teaching it. So to make up for this, I made up my mind to delve into the Shakepsearean World and bring him closer to my lovely students. This way, I plan to salute this great literary genius of all times! English Exhibition-2012  is gonna be Shakespeare and only Shakespeare. Hope it would turn out to be a good one with the students! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Realization Dawns - Better late than never!

Despite being super-busy with the usual Sunday schedule of cooking, cleaning, mopping, ironing, chopping, shopping, and listening to my favorite songs,  I thought I should blog today. I never had any plans for a post today, but the desire was too much! Let me ask myself - am I becoming an addicted blogger? When I say so much, you may think I have had some dream like Coleridge who poured out ‘Kubla Khan’, when he woke up from it!! If you thought so, you are grossly mistaken! 

Read on to find out!

Sometime back, I got an eBook to be edited. When editing was in progress, I came across a chapter where the writer had listed “What I realized about life in my 40-year old life”. I read it, but didn’t give it much thought then, but today, it sprung back into my mind. Enthused by that article, I tried putting down a few things I have realized about life! But before I share my views/ observations, let me make it clear, these are just my thoughts, inspired by life experiences! Any resemblance with anyone or anything is purely coincidental!!! A Caution, a Disclaimer! 

- Retrospection happens at many points in life, if you are a person who thinks “the past was glorious”. There is a well-known quote on nostalgia – “Nostalgia is almost like a grammar lesson – it finds the present tense and past perfect”. Whoever had quoted it has beautifully connected it to the ‘tenses in English’! Most of us believe this, but eventually we are sure to find ourselves wrong! What usually happens is that when we dwell in the glorious ‘past’, we neglect the splendor of the ‘present’! 

- The most dominant thought patterns in us decide who we are. So we have to simply put together the most fruitful/efficient thought patterns! Or else, you stand every chance to dash into a depression mode. 

- Enthusiasm is everything. You need to tell yourself that you are excited to go on with your journey.

- Only if you think you can, you will be able to do something. That’s absolutely true. But, you also have to put your heart and soul into it, if you wanna achieve something. 

- The first step to finding a solution to a problem is accepting that a problem exists. Many of us don’t do it and move on believing that there isn’t really any problem. We usually take it for granted.

- I go with Frost here – Whatever happens, life will go on, but you need to put in special efforts to make it charming. 

- It has been rightly said that Happiness lies with the small things in life, but if your happiness depends on someone or something, then you have to get ready to be hurt. Hence, you have to discover your own ways to be happy! If you don’t define your own happiness, no one else will do it for you. 

- You can never chase affection, attention, care or love. All these have to be given/received freely, or else, it is not worth it. 

- People will never be able to comprehend what we feel, unless they experience the same in their own lives.

- Ego fetches nothing but disasters in life. Ego can only shrink the scope for betterment. Ego makes you argue with people, who are more important to you than an argument. Shedding ego is a must for maintaining excellent relationships. 

- There is no point in explaining to/convincing people who can’t understand what you say! Find out if they are able to get what you say, if they are, then go ahead with it, if not, stop it then and there, or else you will end up being called a crack/ nut/ stupid!!! Beware! 

- No situation can be ideal.

- There is no point in believing that things would come to you, instead pursue it.

- We have no right to blame anyone for anything. It is better not be judgemental. They have their own ways to go about. 

- Some things are true, even if you don't see or believe it.We need to develop special eyes and ears to whatever is unseen and unheard to us!

- Avoid intrusion, interference, invasion into other people’s life!

- This is from the point of view of the teacher in me - "Marks" are not everything in life, there is much more for students to learn for their future life. Values have to be inculcated from the younger days, or else they risk themselves.

- Nothing else in life is as important and as satisfying as our peace of mind!

OMG – Have I written so many? I will stop with this last one, let it be little on a lighter tone. I am a great fan of Kahlil Gibran Quotes – but here I am trying to modify one of his most famous quotes.

Gibran says:- If you love something, let it go. If it was yours, it will come back to you, or else it was not yours!
I say: If you love something, let it go. If it was yours, it will come back. Once it comes back, if it starts eating up your time, and makes you happy, hold it tight, or else it will go again! Lol!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Wholesome Experience

Years back, when my maternal uncle chose to name his daughter “Aami”, I wondered what that meant. Later, I came to know that it was the pet name of the legendary, iconoclastic bilingual writer Madhavikutty alias Kamaladas! He is an ardent fan and hence the choice.

I too am a passionate reader! While I am into the world of English literature, and teach English, most would assume I enjoy only classics. There was a time in my life when I really desired to take up my main subject as Malayalam. But for various reasons, I had to leave behind the idea. Just like the many things that I have allowed to let go in life, I had to give up this passion too. But, my love for Malayalam Literature has never faded. 

Of late, I find myself glued to malayalm books, and one writer whom I would like to read and reread is Madhavikutty. I got acquainted with her books and poems while doing my PG. Later, I got to meet her when she came to UC, as a special guest for the English Day hosted by the English Department. Clad in a simple jet black saree, she just took the audience with her with elegance and speech. I still remember the way she spoke, just like an innocent kid. 

She was quite good with histrionics (or generally what we call as histrionics?????) A lot is being talked about  her works. Many people consider her a maniac, for she has written very openly about love and lust! But I feel, if you read her books in the real sense that you should, you can never look at her with those eyes. People who can’t really comprehend her are the ones who are hypocritical. She was an eternal lover, a feminist in the typical mould, and a very independent soul who was hungry for love. Her autobiography "Ente Katha - My Story" was almost a shock to most critics, and she was labelled a rebellious and unconventional writer! 

Loved the time with it!
Any time, would love to read again!
For me, she can be loved in all the ways, for her works have always made me believe I have at least some broken fragments from her! Most of her works are autobiographical, but the one which I took up to read now, “Neermathalam Pootha Kalam” is not just her story. I loved every single minute that I spent with her, for it gave me the feeling of listening to it, directly from her with all her passion. This was one book which I missed reading earlier, and so was very happy to find it on my ammavan’s bookshelf, this time when I visited him. No melodrama, and nothing extraordinary, just mundane life. It is just the plain diary of the young Aami. I confess, there were many points where I felt I was Aami. Neermathalam gave me a feel of journeying with Aami. 

If you are a Mallu , you owe this read to yourself. It is surely a wholesome experience! 

Well, my resolution of being more regular on the blog has really found some success. I love the time I spend here,  but now, I am not sure if I would be hibernating for a while. Exams are getting started next week and I would surely be thrown to my cozy seat with a bundle every other day! I just hate this period, for evaluation is really boring, still I have to do it with a great deal of concentration! 

Whatever be the case, I have to grow to love those sessions! Let me try looking forward to it.....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some Chess Stories...

Miss, Gauri looks just like you!

Miss, here comes the ‘male version’ of you!

Miss, you smile like Gauri!

Miss, you talk like Gauri!

Miss, the same expressions you both!

                             - My students say!

Sunie, your son is your Xerox copy!

Gauri is so much like you!

Sunie, ur copy!

Appidiye, unne pole!

Ithu nee tanne!

  - My friends say!

In most families, it is almost a controversial topic if the kids have taken after the maternal or paternal side! We here, have not given it much thought! In fact, I really don’t bother if he has taken after me in looks. Mostly, I feel he has taken after me only in looks, but when it comes to other traits, he is surely an “acha boy”! For instance, he is very much sensible (obviously not like me)!!!!!!! But, I do say it very often – all his good traits are maternal and bad ones, if any, are paternal!!! Lol! 

While I don’t bother if he looks like me or not, I want him to get hold of some traits from me too. Just like any other mother, I too wish! Recently, it gave me a great deal of happiness when I found it! Whatever I take up, I do it with passion and I feel that is my BIGGEST Plus Point! Gauri has it in him and I can’t be happier! 

It all started with Primrose deciding to open Chess classes for this academic year. My little guy didn’t even know what chess was when he was sent for these classes, but from day 1, I could make out his interest in Chess from the way he talked about it at home. Most of the topics revolved around chess and its rules and coins. He even gave a ‘study class’, as he could make out that I was not really familiar with it! I enjoyed these conversations and I kept encouraging him. He was overjoyed when Pappu gifted him a magnetic chess board. 

Why I mentioned passion here is ‘coz of the way he gets ready for each class and the moves planned! The chess classes are usually on Thursdays, and I can see him waiting for Thursday from Monday morning. Keeps a countdown too! Wednesday evening, it will be , “Amma, tomorrow is Thursdayyyyy”, Hhh Chess!” 

He plans ahead too. Once I was stunned when he asked me “ Amma, what are you planning for Thursday’s lunch?” It was a Sunday, I was bit confused when he came up with such a question. Then came the next line, “ Amma,I have chess class on Thursday, soon after the lunch break. I don’t want to take rice on that day, it takes me much time to finish it, you can plan chappathis, okay?” 

This one totally amazed me. He usually gets up at 7, and finds it really difficult if I ask him to get up a lil early, but on Thursdays, he gets up at 5 and wakes me up!!!!!!!!!

Last week, when we took a week off for Lekshmi’s wedding, he was much worried about taking an off on Thursday, as he would miss his chess classes and chess sir!

Can’t you call it ‘passion’?

All this is fine, have a look at this one!

And, don’t miss the answer given by Dhanesh! I just overheard!

G: Acha, in most movies that we have watched and most of the stories we have heard, men are powerful, men are stronger and men are given more importance, but in chess, my sir says, it is the queen who is mightier? Why, why is it like that?

Dhanesh looked perplexed for a second, and then came the reply!

“Athu Makkale, vazhiye manasilayikollum”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - along with a mysterious smile!

You can imagine what would have happened after that! Knowing me, you would guess it right!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Any working day, the best news for students is “the teacher is absent”, rt?

You can always hear a “Hurray!” as soon as this news is confirmed. I was no different when I was a student. But, this time when I took a week off from school, I decided not to give the tenth graders that ‘Hurray’ feeling. Yeah, I gave them two essays to be done with by the time I am back. 

Creative writing is given more weightage in ICSE and the topics they choose are entirely different from the ones that you see in the other boards. I chose two topics – 

1. A dream that you would like to turn into reality

2. Ten weird things about yourself

Everyone seemed to be very happy with the first topic, but when I read out the second one, there was a big hue and cry – for no one wanted others to know how weird they are!!!!! I didn’t change the topic; instead I said I would also write down ten weird things about me. In fact I liked the idea of writing about myself, as it would almost be like a self analysis. Also, I thought it would help me clear some cobwebs from my head! So here it goes….. 

Weird is a word, which is a bit confusing to me. For most people ‘weird” means strange, peculiar and unusual. I now allow my mind to wander and fetch me some aspects what other people think to be weird, but to me which appear very much normal. Yeah, just like an obedient student, my mind brings me the weird things about me. 

#1 - I love to be BUSY! I can’t seem to like idling away my time. I always find some reason to be busy! In fact, I am busy most of the time with something or the other, but I try and make it a point to blog, put up pictures, make calls, mail friends, chat, wish people on their happy/special days whenever possible. It’s not that I have time to spare, but I make the time, because I don't want to get lost in my day-to-day life. I consider myself to be a well-oiled machine which keeps running without any need for rest! Workaholic or Weird – what would you call me? 

#2 - Age is a matter over mind, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Though I feel just like a fresher out of college, I keep telling I am getting old, but can’t figure out why I keep telling it again and again. Some of my students can’t really stand this attitude of mine, but I do say it very often. Ain’t I weird? 

#3 - I can’t restrict myself from telling out what I feel. I am not really bothered if people like it or not. This mainly happens with students, in no way can I think of pampering them to get them going. I am happy if they take it positively in order to better themselves, or my thought is – ‘let them learn it the hard way’! 

#4 - I am not really self-obsessive, but I have this weird habit of writing down every single happening in my life. This desire is quite insatiable too. I had this diary writing habit right from the high school days and now it has been replaced by my blog. One of my thoughts in those days was “if at all there was some kind of a machine that could record every single happening on a daily basis” – I am definitely weird! 

#5 - I am scared of silence!!!! Silence is a word very much liked by teachers, but I am otherwise!!!!!!! Weiiirrrddd! I want people around me to be lively all the time. I don’t even mind if it is ‘noise’! My better half keeps telling me I should practice meditation to get rid of this phobia! 

#6 - This is an age where Mobile phones are a craze with everyone. Be it students or oldies, the fascination for mobiles can’t be explained. It has become almost equivalent to oxygen. I wonder how I have gone in a different track when it comes to my mobile. I am just more than satisfied with a basic model, and here my point is “phone is just for communication”! Many people ask me why do I continue to use the basic model! I am not bothered, ain’t I weird? 

#7- Next comes TV. Once upon a time I was a movie -TV buff, but not any more. Its gonna sound a bit weird when I say I have no TV at home. My old idiot box is still here, but just as a box! In this era, it is quite weird and so am I! 

#8- Sans Internet, No me! It is my slogan. It is very difficult for me to stay comfortable without Internet. I have become too much dependent on this web that I feel like a fish out of water without it. Why I consider this weird is ‘coz, there was a time in my life, when I used say “I hate computers and anything related to it!!!!!!!!! So there is every reason to ask - Ain’t I completely weird???? 

#9 - This one is totally weird – I know. Yellow Metal is a great fascination for almost every lady I know, there are a few exceptions, though! I have never been able to bring myself to like it. It sounds really weird when I say I don’t wear gold at all. But I am quite happy with all the other stuff like black metal, mehndi gold, plastic, silver and others!!!! Yeah, you are almost convinced - I am weird!!!!!!! 

#10 – I can’t really go with the flow, I do specialize in swimming against the tide! I would like to stick to my own rules! That spawns a lot of enthusiasm! By now, you might have concluded, there is some truth in me telling you I am totally weird! 

This is not the end, there are many more, but for me, all these are absolutely normal! But for all these, I can’t be “Me”! Hence , it is better to stay the same!

Well, that’s it!

But, how do you know if the above TRASH is true!!!!!!!!Lolz!

Sunday, September 16, 2012



“I am in love with Pondicherry” – This is my usual reply whenever people ask me how life in Pondy is. Yeah, I love Pondy and the life here. No doubt, Pondicherry is one place I have always wished to live, still love to live, but no place can be like Aluva. The reason is simple – among the many things that kindle nostalgia, Aluvappuzha and Manappuram hold a very special place. As we go through life, there are some moments, some days, some phases which can never be forgotten. I feel I have a box full of memories and it is just like the Pandora Box, which is difficult to close, once opened. The only difference is that my box has only good memories!

When I visited Manappuram last week, I got reminded of T.S. Eliot’s lines where he conveys a very strong point in life. Where ever you go, how much ever you earn, how long you have been away, you always would long for your native land. 

True! Can’t agree more! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Chitta, With Love !

It all feels like yesterday 

When you bounced into our lives! 

Then a teenager, now a beautiful bride, 

Oh! Can’t just believe, so much time has just flown away! 

When I reflect, 

Those little sparks flash before me, 

I can’t but thank you 

For all the laughter, smiles, and tears, 

For all the crazy times, 

For all the love and life 

For all the fun we have had together! 

For the special bond that you share with Sankunnis, 

For all the care, love and those lovely moments 

You have gifted him. 

A beautiful path opens before now, 

To tread on with love for each other 

Go ahead with confidence, 

And fill in each others’ life with joy!

As we gear up for that very special day of yours

Which is just a week away,

We pray,

Let God Almighty shower all His Blessings on you Both!

Days ahead are gonna rock for you Girlie!

Chitta and Sankunnis @Aluva
Chitta and Sankunnis @ TV Malai 

@Chitta's Engagement

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Language of Love....

Happy Teachers' Day!
My Salutes to all my teachers on this special day! May your tribe increase and inspire the coming generations…..

Some days just turn out to be beautiful, and today was one such!

My day started with a lovely Teachers’ Day wish from my son! 

It feels great to know that students still remember me after those long long years! Many of the students from the Jeeva Velu days called up to wish! Many of them messaged too! Many of the old colleagues too made it again! It’s just that “WOW” feeling that can’t be explained! It feels good, yes it feels good! Extremely Good! 

With every wish, frames kept moving, faces kept flashing, and so stunned was I with what I saw……so many years, so many faces, so much love …………….it is pure joy to be loved and remembered by my students! 

Bharathi Mam made me feel great with a simple message, I understand I am so much liked! 

Anu Ma’am keeps on surprising me!!!!!!!!!! For the kind of schedule she has, these cannot be on her list! But she found time to wish me, I can’t help admiring her! 

Japna just made my day with a few words, I absolutely loved those words! She proved it time and again that words have so much power to gift you a wonderful feeling! Lovely Gesture from a Lovely Girl!

Arvind literally made me cry with his message on FB! You are so much loved, Arvind! Thanks for being the craziest, weirdest, yet one of the most sensible students of mine!

Vaibhavi sent me a wonderful message with my name attached, one of the most unique messages I have ever received, unique, just like her!

Rheu n Miru never miss a chance to wish! Lovely wishes from both of them!

From Chennai came the Happy Boy's Wish, Sunil, attached with a Happy Morning wish !

At school too, it was wonderful to receive all those wishes!

This is indeed the Joy and Satisfaction of being a Teacher…

This is the good, the better and the best part of being a Teacher…

Thanks so much for all those wishes, it makes me feel out of this world!

Monday, September 3, 2012

'Awesome' is the answer!

Nothing can be more energizing than a good weekend. We had a beautiful kick-start to the weekend, with Babs joining us on Friday!

A word about Babs, alias Babuchettan – a guy with contagious enthusiasm, he is elder to me by almost 12 years, but looks younger than me. (Oh No! I hate myself for writing this).

A weekend experience unfolds here! I love to jot down each of such experiences, just for one reason. It is fun to read it after a long time and it always gifts me the same feel again.  

As soon as Babs got home, he told me, “ Mole, I am moving to a new apartment next week, would like to buy some cute furniture from Pondy.” Whenever my folks visit Pondy, it is my duty to take them around for shopping, something which I thoroughly enjoy! So I was more than ready and assured him that we would go around Pondy the next day. I even thought about a few shops which I knew, but on Saturday when I landed back from school, they were all ready to go to some “Kenji” furniture. I had never heard of such a place, I kept wondering how he got info about this one. Anyway, I didn't kick up any fuss, I got ready and we headed for “Kenji”. 

As I had got hooked to just one thought, it came out from me involuntarily! “Where is this place, exactly?” 
He said, “Auroville!” 

Aaahhhhhh, I got it! None other Dhanesh could have given him the info, ‘coz, Auroville is one of his favourite haunts. Visiting Auroville is like pouring some 'energy tonic into the soul' for him!!!!! Needless to say, he didn’t even mind driving through the rough suburban roads there. ( Hey, I can use this point elsewhere!) 

I guess I had written about Auroville in one of my earlier posts. It is such a terrific place to visit and stay! Auroville is a universal township in the making, with people from around the globe living here. We have been to Auroville a no: of times, but I should say, this one was unique altogether. Usually, we make a good research about the community we wish to visit, collect info about the people there and get a route map to the place, but as this was a sudden plan, and we weren’t really prepared, but decided to follow Mohanlal’s policy of “chodichuuuu chodichhhuu pokam!”

We advanced through the ECR, and reached the point where the roads diverged. Here started the confusion! As my Tamil is as good as the English of the people there, I requested Babs to take up the task of asking the route. We proceeded along an empty stretch of road, with not a soul to ask the route! The lady whom we asked said it was some 6 km from the visitors’ centre. The roads were good till the visitors' centre!! From then on we ‘enjoyed’ the mud roads, which gave us the feel of a boat journey. The car stopped at a place, where it looked like the end of the world!!! But when we asked around, we found there was some 3 km to our destination. At this point, I even doubted if we would be able to get back to Pondy, it almost resembled a small forest, the ones similar to the ‘woods’ described by Frost in his poems! I kept the thoughts to myself! But, Sankunni voiced it, like mom, like son.........what a lovely combo we make!!!

Not a soul to ask the route....
Avoo..we caught sight of this lady, who helped us with finding the way...

We decided not to give up, Babs was in full enthusiasm, he got down at several points to make sure we were right on the track….we met many foreigners on the way, all Aurovillians. The weather was pleasant and the cool breeze energized us! It is a pollution-free zone and the way was sprinkled with the many guest houses of Auroville. We were also able to spot many of the unique training centres of Auroville, which we had always longed to visit. Their websites were familiar, though!

Bamboo Research Centre, Auroville.
It was started some 40+ years ago, they have some innovations from bamboo! 
At last......our Destination....
Kenji, The New Dawn Carpentry Workshop...

 Finally, after many a twist and turn, we were successful in hitting our destination – Kenji, the New Dawn Carpentry Workshop.

On the way back, we got a terrific view of the Matrimandir, one of our favourite places in Pondy!

Though at first, it looked like we would get lost, it turned out to be one of the nicest trips we made to this place………On our journey back to the concrete jungle, we made this good decision - to spend a weekend at one of these guest houses… to enjoy the serene atmosphere! I never miss a chance to raise my hand for something exciting/ something new/ something different, so this one really paid off! Nothing can be as refreshing as spending some time in this calm and peaceful place, studded with trees. Looking forward to it from now……

Many times I got reminded about the trip we made to Auroville, with Romaa Ma'am....

One thing is assured – this place can radiate joy and gift you the much-needed peace of mind. So, if you have any idea of hitting this part of the globe, make sure you stay at Auroville at least for a day or two…. …..Do make a trip, it is surely a place for people who appreciate the finer things of life!