Thursday, January 30, 2014


Holmes was one such for me!!! 

Of late, Eliza Doolittle and Prof.Higgins too!

Hey! What’s common? Though fictional characters, quite often, I take them real! 

Okie! What makes me come here today??? Is it the pretty Eliza? Is it the highly egoistic, chronic bachelor Prof.Higgins? 

Nope! Then what? Their words!

This week, I was completely into a movie, “My Fair Lady” with the higher graders. Though it is the umpteenth time I am watching it, I observe that I enjoy it every time I watch it with the kids! Audery Hepburn and Rex Harrison are living, not acting as Eliza and Prof.Higgins! I don’t intend to make a movie review here; that is for my students.

As I sit here, looking for words to flow out from me, Eliza’s words ring in my ears! “I need a little kindness; I know I am a common flower girl, an ignorant flower girl. I know you are a highly educated person, a great phonetician. I know there is a big difference between the likes of you and the likes of me! But, I am not the dirt under your feet!”

Those who have watched the movie would know why Eliza comes up with such words! Yeah, those words make me think too! Eliza comes to Higgins with the hope of becoming “more genteel”, and of course; Higgins was successful in making a lady out of a common flower girl. 

Prof.Higgins – an expert phonetician spends his days in and days out with the science of speech. Rather can I say, with the use of tongue, as Phonetics is all about the use of TONGUE? Yeah, he plays with the ‘Tongue’! Though he corrects and refines Eliza, he doesn’t bother to correct his tongue! He is simply fascinated by people who can talk good English, but doesn't bother about how gentle his words must be! 

Tongue -The softest organ in the body, it doesn’t have a bone either! The irony here is that from the softest organ in the body, the hardest, the unkindest and the most hurtful words flow out! Irony indeed! 

Back to the movie! If you have not watched it yet, here is the link - You are in for a great time with Eliza and Higgins, a perfect amalagamation of wit and sarcasm!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thoughts Wild!

I just came here! Have I got something to put down here? Not much, I guess! 

My thoughts had been wild. Days are about to get busier, with Pre Board exams and answer scripts! Just pouring out what comes to mind!

Two lessons learned, recently! 

We all have our own beliefs and concepts and we take it to be true. We need to hammer it on to our brains that because a belief is heart felt, it doesn't make it true. We are never allowed to call them true, just becoz we feel them so deeply. Strong feelings are not just enough to call a belief true!

Coming to dreams! We all wish our dreams come true! But it is also to be carved on our brains that not all our dreams may come true, even if we put in our 101%. Some just slip away into unknown potholes!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Much-Needed Recharge!

A sudden Flash
Did I recharge?
Recharge what?
'No' is the answer!
Then, recharge What?
My Mind
Is what I meant!
Take a mental stroll,
Fill in with quality thoughts!
It will be done with!
And you emerge recharged!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Remembering Nanditha..

Njan thadavukariyanu, ente chinthakalude..- The words I liked the most from Nanditha.

Nanditha - a pretty face with a prettier heart! Only a few weeks ago, I happened to read about her. But, in such a short span of time, I have tried to read everything about her - her life, her dreams, her diary scripts, her poems, her death....I have read almost all her poems and every word that she had written has created a great impact on me! Her usages and words often haunt me. Just remembering her in the middle of my busy schedule here in my hometown...Yeah today is Jan 17th, the day when she left this world, in search of something she valued the most! Perhaps it was her escape from this selfish world too...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


No place like home! We may go around, see beautiful places, stay in expensive resorts, shop like mad, but we never get the love and peace that we yearn for...yeah, that's why we say "no place like home"! We do get the exact recipe for happiness and peace of mind only here!

Why am I in such a mode, talking so much about home! Yeeaahhhhhhh, I am in Kerala for the Pongal Holidays and that makes me fall into such a mode! Needless to say, I am loving it! So much free time, delicious food, the company of loved ones, and what more should I ask for?

Right now, in Alleppey, enjoying the calmness and peace this place can only offer. Had a beautiful kickstart to the day with a few temple visits, after which I decided to sit at home and RELAX! Temples can offer a lovely atmosphere to the mind. But I do believe that our good and thoughtful actions can fetch a lovelier state of mind. 

Okie Bloggie! Enough! So shall I go on to find out if something flows out from my keyboard??? Let me try!

Something was driving me mad for a while. I started digging into my mind to figure out what was going wrong. I believe nothing can be done to our mind, unless we give permission. That tells a strong point. If we are happy, we have allowed our mind to be happy and the same applies when we are sad, irritated or cranky too. So there is no point in blaming other people for our state of mind. It is our attitude that counts! 

People, incidents, situations and attitudes can drive us mad and push us deep down to depressive moods. When we analyse the minds of people with mental disorders, we can discover that the impact of these above said factors had driven them to madness. It is only strength of mind that can help us save ourselves from the clutches of these depressive moods!When we live in this world, to be specific, a world that thinks with brain and not with heart, at times, we are compelled to do the same! Decisions from heart may appear foolish and those from the brain may come in the guise of 'being clever" and would be appreciated! I don't know if I am being sarcastic here, but my recent experiences and thoughts tell me to follow the proverb "When in Rome, be a Roman." That can be a heavy price, but peace of mind is such an expensive commodity these days, hence I wouldn't think twice before paying for it!

On a lighter vein now, I would like to make a request that someone had made to the heart. It goes, "Dear Heart, Please stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump blood."That's it!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year

New Year brings new hopes, new dreams, and new yearnings! But  ' Maturity' is understanding that New Year will not make any difference at all, unless each one of us makes earnest efforts to change our attitudes!! We just hope there would be amazing changes all around! So what do I expect this new year! As for me, what I value the most is peace of mind, and so let me wish everyone the same. Let the new year bring in situations that offer just peace of mind to all my loved ones! Okie , lemme not start with my usual philosophical thoughts! Hopefully I will be back with some posts very soon!