Thursday, November 22, 2012

It is just a thought, 

It is darkness indeed, 

It feels like a never-ending night, 

And, you never feel asleep! 

It sparks a lightning, 

A sudden bright feeling, 

Then it is gone again, 

And, you feel lost again! 

It makes memories into demons, 

It makes dreams into ghosts, 

Too vague to remember, 

But too important to forget!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And, that was some good time out there.....

Sharing a few pics from our rocking performance on Children’s day at school. Had a wonderful time, loved every bit of it………. A peep into the yester years.....

Ponmakal Vanthal.....
Ah Ah!
Obedient Students...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today, I have to write. If I don’t, it will be confirmed that I have changed 360 degrees. Oh! Can’t believe it is a week since I blogged! But, why? No reason as such! I wasn’t that busy! I almost had a perfect week too! 

Reens kept asking me about the post on Exhibition, she is just waiting for the pic of me proposing to Shakespeare, Awwwww! So, Reens, here is it for you!!!! B/w, I too love this pic!

Love Sana's expression
Urvy at my desk, love this pic of hers!

I ask the FB question now – what is on your mind now? 

I guess I can write about the short dream I had yesterday as I sat in the library! Usually, I am never alone there, there will be someone or the other coming for a chat there, but yesterday I happened to be alone there for quite some time. I was planning to take up Twain, but suddenly there was a drift and I was taken into a dream. A dream with eyes open! This was about my dream place, which I think I will make someday! 

It is perfect, it can fill me with joy, I can feel alive there. A well-lighted, spacious room – painted in powder blue, with only CANE furniture (I am crazy about cane stuff, ppl who have visited me would obviously know it!). A room with French windows and white curtains, where the walls invite you with the beautiful paintings on them and a very comfy arm chair. A simple room with a lot of books, a place where books are arranged with love and care, a place where melodious music overflows, a place which can take me to some other world – Wow! I can get the smell of those books! 

Hey you, are you coming to me soon?

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I guess I have erased it all. Every facet seems to have its own lifespan, and it is done with. But to be honest, it takes a great deal of effort to put it out. I remember writing this earlier, we need to find our own ways to be happy! 

Sunday seems to have gone by pretty well. Nothing really nagged me and I was fully into the preps and planning for the week. Children’s day celebs are to be planned, so gave it some time. Household chores are never-ending, but managed to deal with a lot many. The game session with the little guy was fun. Today,  our fight was with Puzzles and Mechanix! It is nice to hear him say – “Amma, you don’t know anything”, that too very proudly! Not to mention the answer scripts, they are always after me! Too many calls… 

Oh! Yeah! I made cutlets!!!!! Yummo!


But calling up Kuzhoor, at least for a few minutes, melancholy struck me. I have not been able to make it this time too…

The hands of the clock are gonna meet! Isn't it too late to call it day???

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Frailty, thy name is woman!

Aha – Usually its MarkTwain whom I love to quote, today the Bard compels me! 

Blessed Sleep, you still seem away...plz come my way!

It is almost 10 and as I drop into my cozy chair, I have an unshakable faith! I can always rely on blogger to come out from which ever depressing state of mind. Yeah, I am here! I always expect this miraculous transformation, when I come to this little space of mine, where I can write whatever I like, where I can express whatever comes to my mind, where no one will ever restrict me from saying what I like! I feel blogger understands me well. Expressions always hold a very significant role in our lives. This space offers me the freedom that no one else gives me! That’s why I simply stay connected to this space. 

The weekend is here, but I really don’t feel it. It was a pretty good week, I can say! Strangely, I feel I am thrown off the balance, with rebellions within and thoughts running wild! I can see many cobwebs woven around, I make a pathetic effort to clean it, though! A FUTILE attempt! 

There is a burning desire to kick out this dark and wintry state of mind, but how? I guess I am looking for an easy way, and that doesn’t work! My subconscious tells me, rather instructs me to put all these silly thoughts into the dustbin. But, are they really silly?  Jobs, I decide to follow you, I am not ready to waste this crisis! 

As I write this, the song I am hearing gets over and I am hitting ‘refresh’button to get mesmerized again. 

Just a thought - Wouldn’t it be really fantastic if we could refresh our minds just like the way we refresh our web pages with just a 'right' click ??????????? A perfect "pun"!

Let me try doing it with one pic I love. It was taken at school, today. Chetan, love you for this pic, perfectly captured!

The Best Buddies......
Gauri n Apu in their B'day costumes....