Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Week!

One day in the week that went by was truly a blessed one – because “I” celebrated my birthday. My dad and mom were here too, so that added a bit of excitement about it!

Thanks to Flavia, my friend and colleague, and a few of my students who brought a cake for me! It had been ages since I CELEBRATED my b’day! We had a small cake cutting session too! It brought in a lotta memories from the college days, when birthdays were celebrated with so much zeal and zest.

Thanks to Vaibhavi, who surprised me with a lovely poem about me, though I don’t know if I really deserve it!
I also felt happy that a few of my old students rang up to wish me! These are just small things, but hold special significance to me!  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I 'm Back!


Long time again…....................Got lost track with my writings with a hell lotta work, exams, talent time and what not! I am back now, hoping to keep my blog alive!

The beginning of the school year always brings changes of some sort. Some are welcomed; some aren't so drastic that they don’t make much of a difference; some are met with groans. This year, is of course, a year of excitement! Thanks to Talent Time! I enjoyed every bit of it! And, I am sure my students too did enjoy!

So, the Talent Time is done with successfully and that was what was keeping me busy for almost three months! Now, it’s like “Oh! I don’t have anything interesting ahead!”

Nope, I shall find something out, that will keep my spirits high!

I guess, I am lucky to have students, who are really creative and are ready to help!
This Talent Time has proved it time and again!

Last time, it was Swathi, who wrote a poem on Dew Drops, our English Exhibition.
This time, it is Vaibhavi, who has written a lovely poem on “Talent Time”!

It goes…..

Talent Time…

A week full of entertainment,
And faces full of excitement!

All the Rosebuddies rocked,
Keeping their books locked!

Oh! What fun it was,
To see on stage the tiny tots!

The whole school decorated colorfully,
While the audience applauded cheerfully!

The judges were impressed,
To see talents so nicely displayed!

Events took place simultaneously,
For they were planned wisely!

Right from off-stage to on-stage ones,
All were excellent and outstanding ones!

Every day was spent so joyfully
Also, waiting for the results so eagerly!

The fiesta that was for the first time conducted,
Was wholeheartedly appreciated!

Talent Time will never be forgotten by anyone,
For, it contains sweet memories of everyone!