Saturday, December 22, 2012


Heavy Discussion in Class X was the last working day of 2012!

With a happy heart another year comes to a close. The day started at school by wishing DP a very happy bday. She looked bright and happy in her beautiful outfit and for sure has enjoyed her Bday at school. Though a busy day, it was indeed good. It was fun to see the kids running around with so much excitement. At least for a while, I took a deep dive into my school days.

2012 has been a great year, a year filled with zillions of memories, some stockpiled in forever memory and some on my blog. So, there is this happy Me whistling my favourite tune and dancing my way to glory…feel blessed and stay blessed you all!

Friday, December 14, 2012

So, Where had I been?

Kinda busy – sounds a nice way of justifying the break; but that is not entirely true – I have been plain lazy also in between. Let me try coming out from this shell of laziness! 

I used to think that writing comes naturally to me. If I just sit, I thought, I could make a post. How false was this notion of mine! Many times I tried to write, all went futile! The result - my well-nurtured blog went dry. I heard this repeated query from different corners -“Hey, what’s happening to your blog? Why no updates?” Though I posted something in between, according to some , it was all "mokkai"!!!!!!!!And I admit it too....

Finally, today I found some longing to write……..

Recently, I made a discovery, a discovery about myself! What sparked this discovery was Haritha’s query, “Miss, wont you get tired of listening?” There is every reason for her to ask this question. Most of my leisure hours are spent with commerce buddies (sometimes others come too) and each one will want to keep telling something about themselves. Most of the time, I talk less and clearly give them an ear. The topics are varied, sometimes silly, sometimes deep, and sometimes hilarious. Whatever be it, I enjoy these sessions and you can obviously see their interest when there is someone to listen to them. All the while, you get to know more about them and get to be friendlier with them.

I generally like people whom I can joke around with and at the same time have really deep/serious conversations with. I guess I am blessed such a few students and I do enjoy these sessions with them! 

And, that was a discovery!!!!!!! I have mastered the art of listening! When it comes to patience, I am just NIL! So, the skill of listening cannot be really attributed to me! Yet, I am happy to see that I make a patient listener. Thanks to many students of mine for bringing out this hidden trait in me! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Gun - Yeah, we loved it!

Finally, I kept my promise today!

Took the lil guy to watch “Thuppaki”, the Vijay Blockbuster. And, yes we liked it!

Both of us are ardent fans of Vijay, for different reasons – me a great fan of his dance and cute expressions and he loves his fight sequences! Vijay shines throughout the movie and steals all the attention!

So, the weekend was made bright with some Vijay Touch! The Google Google song rocks too!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dear Bloggie

Though I missed you, I never ventured this way for almost a fortnight now! There aren’t zillion things happening out here for me to be busy! You crossed my mind several times, yet I never found time for you! 


Even when I sit here now, the mind is blank. Though I thought I would be able to come up with some post today, it isn’t really materializing. 

Guess that's it for now. I am at a loss to find words. My bed is seriously calling my name!