Monday, February 17, 2014

Richard Parker

The ones who have read 'Life of Pi' will never forget the way Richard Parker is introduced! Nor will we forget how he got his name! We never get the slightest thought that Parker is a tiger! After watching Pi, Gauri and I had an interesting conversation this weekend. 

Gauri: Amma, Tiger is a ferocious animal, rt?

Me: Yeah , Of Course!

Gauri: But, did you notice how Richard Parker behaved well with Pi? Ain't that a bit difficult to take as real?

Me: Did you really notice that Richard Parker was ferocious when they started the voyage and then turned mild as the the voyage progressed?

Gauri: Hmmm...

Me: Can you say why?

Gauri: Yeah, Pi was taking care of him, gave him food and they co-operated well!

Me: Great! So what is the moral of the story?

Gauri: If I obey what you say, you will also obey what I say!!!!!

Me: Grrr!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Lovely Evening with Gita

Gita is relevant, today! That is what he tried to put across very gracefully. 

Just back from a talk on Gita and its relevance today and how clearing our ignorance will lead us to joyous living. The Chinamaya Head, who is in Pondy right now, will be giving this talk for the next four days. Thanks to Mrs. Gaitri, who gave me this wonderful opportunity of listening to this man of wisdom. 

Today was just the intro day, still what he said lingers. Most of which was said are facts we have come across several times in life, but never paid attention to. 

A few questions that he put across:-\

We all shop, from Needles to Limousines....what do we look for in a product that we buy? Quality of the Product. Of course, quality is always in our mind when we are ready to spend money on something. We look for all the ways to get info about the product, ask around and ensure that we buy the best product available in market, for that particular price. Of course! Then came his question! How many of us are bothered so much about the quality of our mind, the quality of our life or the quality of our love? Do we pay so much attention to these???????? Of Course, No would be the answer! Why do we value only when money is involved? Isn't Life more important than that?

Another one! We are all confident when we dress up well. We are so much bothered about the way we look, but what about our outlook on life? 

It was really nice listening to him. A simple, graceful man ! Looking forward to hearing more from him....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I waded in again,
Hadn't planned it, though!
The day had been good,
Without many hiccups!
Just dropping my musings,
That crossed my mind today!
The more I look around
What is it that I find the more!
It sure is a selfish world,
And, selfishness rules the world!
In the pool of selfishness,
Some poor souls get trapped tight!
Just one query props up,
What is the use of this in life?