Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank You Swathi For This!

My Student Swathi's poem about Dew Drops, Our English Exhibition!

I just asked her to write a poem about our preps for the exhibition!Just after 15 minutes, I got this lovely poem.....

She had a plan, more like a dream,
And she was determined to do it.
We were called, we were told.
We understood, we imagined,
We had to draw, we had to cut.
Together, we had to put it all together.
Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute,
Drops formed on the walls...
No, we put them up!
We got together, we worked together, we enjoyed together!
Back at home, we thought about it,
In the midst of all our work.
We drew, we cut, and she wrote.
Burning discs, writing records, bouncing balls,
I had to do it between them all,
and so did they...
Brushes, paint, tape, markers, and of course, time,
A sudden thought flashed in our mind,
That it was almost time!
We stepped into the room, the minute we all waited for,
And there it was --
Pink and blue, here and there,
Each drop told us something new...
We did it all, fulfilled our dream,
And so did she...
We hope to know,
When people come and go,
What they came to know,
From our masterpiece,
And her vague dream for days,
Our very own DEW DROPS...

Love U Swathi for this one!