Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hats Off to the 'Loud Speaker' Crew!

Sundays are holidays, sundays are also lazy days, once in a while!!!!!!! 
Usually, Sundays are more hectic than the week days!
Today, I guess, was a lazy day!

I had a lot of school work to be completed, so I dedicated some time for that and later sat down to watch a movie. YouTube has become a real blessing these days, as visits to the theatres are very rare! Dhanesh suggested “Loud Speaker”, an award winning movie – I was not for it, I thought there was no use wasting my time on such a movie, I had not read any reviews too. Anyway, after a while, I agreed to his suggestion and made up my mind to watch it.

It was no waste of time, on the other hand, I felt, I have never been touched by a movie, for quite sometime. It is a real movie, with real emotions, it is a kinda movie that viewers get sucked into. It is the kinda movie, which is all about being human. It's is all about the relationship that develops between a donor and a receiver of a kidney ,a NRI menon, who is in need of a kidney and Mike, the donor. Mammootty is just ‘wow’ and lives the role of Mike superbly. Sasikumar, the veteran Journo, too gives a convincing performance. The remixed version of yesteryear melody 'Alliyambal kadavil....' adds to the charm of the movie!

It is sure to move you, make you smile, make you laugh and make you thinkkkk! If you are a mallu, you ought to watch it, it is never a waste of time!

Kudos to Jayaraj for this wonderful movie!

On a personal front, I feel good films make us sit and think about our own lived ways. It’s only through this sort of introspection, can one find the meaning of one's own life. A good book, a good film, a good friend , a good hobby and a good sacred space can be some of the ways by which we can meet with own being, in our busy lives. After all, we’re the only caretakers of the little space we live in.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two Days at Auroville!

I don’t really know how many times have we visited Auroville! Every time we go there, we talk about spending a weekend there and visiting the Matrimandir! It had been quite some time we were planning this, but it was only last week it materialized, when I got a Saturday off! This academic year has been very tight till now, with almost all the Saturdays as full working days. It had been a really good weekend at the Auroville, specially because I got a chance to just leave everything behind and have a few hours of mental peace.


Auroville is a global village where people from allover the world live. It is the vision of the Mother, a place where people from allover the world can live in harmony. In Mother's words, " Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace, progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity."

We have been fascinated by this place ever since we read articles by people who have visited and are staying in Auroville. In our previous visits, we had just seen the Matrimandir from the viewpoint. Not all the visitors are allowed inside the Matrimandir, which is the real centre of Auroville. It is not a place of worship, it is a place for personal concentration. This time, Dhanesh wanted to visit the Matrimandir too! 

Auroville has numerous guesthouses and each one is unique in its own way. We stayed at “Athithigriha”, a guest house which is austere, elegant and simple, be it the facilities or food.This is one of the best, made on Indian styling. Auroville does not see itelf as a tourist spot and does not promote itself as such. But, it welcomes all visitors. For those looking for a break, it is a great place. Wonderful buildings, numerous farms, dense woods, bicycle tracks, friendly and interesting people.


We also enjoyed the company of an old couple from Israel! It was really great sharing their views about India and Auroville in particular.

Savitri Bhavan
The first day, we just drove around, and made visits to Savitri Bhavan, the Solar Kitchen, Bharat Nivas, the shopping mall etc. The next day, Dhanesh had to go for ‘concentration’, I could not go bcoz, they don’t allow small kids inside the Matrimandir! Gauri and me decided to go to the view point! But when he saw Megha (a girl who also stayed at Athithigriha), he refused to come along, finally we landed at visitors' centre again. There is also a cafeteria and some boutiques at the visitors' centre, with things that are highly priced. 

Visitors' Centre
After so many awful weekends, it was just fine, and now I am looking forward to the day when I can make it to the Matrimandir!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sanjna, Sammy - You Made My Day!

Understanding that you will be writing your imprint on your students’ memory, so they will know that there was someone who really cared for them and believed them and made their school life a special one for them. That is a the kinda joy that every teacher aspires for!

Special are the moments spent with students who really understand you and the effort you take to mould them.

More special are the moments you understand you have been able to get a special corner in their hearts! And most special are those moments when they express their real thoughts about you, as a teacher!

Gone are those days when teachers were held in high esteem, this is an era when teachers are considered as friends by most students. Good or bad – it would just be good if the students try to get the best out of their teachers!

Yesterday, at school we had the Teachers’ Day celebration and I was very busy with its arrangements. Most kids came and wished a very happy teachers’ day. Some had brought homemade cakes and gifts too. My students greeted in the first period itself and then we got busy with the preps of the function which was to be held in the afternoon. I guess it was in the afternoon, when Sanjna and Sammy (sisters) came up to me and handed me a card and wished me, ‘ Miss, A very Happy Teachers’ Day”! I also remember Sammy telling me” Miss, I made the envelope for the card!” and Sanjna telling me” This is specially for you miss!” I just took it for a casual greeting card and went into the staffroom. After sitting there for a while, I just opened the card, and I should say I was sooooo happy to see it. It was not the kind of usual card that usually we get on these kinda days. It was too cuutteee. I liked the effort they had taken in making it. Sanjna’s card was a poem which will always remain in my heart. It is simple, but to me it is something very very special!

They just made my dayyyyyy!

To Sunita Miss!

You not only taught me “Last Leaf”
But also a new way of life!
By being an example yourself
You showed that one has to strive hard
To prove oneself!
You taught me conjunctions
And organized many functions
You opened the “Voice of Primrose”
So that we could blossom like a rose!
You corrected my grammar
And asked me not to murmur!
Ms.Rita, Ms.J.C.Das and Ms.Mamta-
They are some of my favorite teachers
And to this list I now add Ms.Sunita
This poem I dedicate to you
And on this Teachers’ Day
I would like to ‘Thank You’
For everything that you have taught me!!!!!

Thank You!