Thursday, November 13, 2014

Unplugging the Phobia...

These grueling contemplations
Fetch me nothing but trouble!
Still, they cram my hours
With their ‘would be –actions’ for future!
I can see everything in RED
And I know you have to confront the worst!
I can see the whole mess,
As if in a nightmare,
More painful is to perceive
You as a 'mental captive' there!
I can only show my concern,
And keep reminding the aftermath,
Or keep watching what is to follow,
And, be grief-stricken all the while from now!
Precautions are always healthier
Than trying to cure it later!

But, if you are ready to take a plunge there,
Nothing in the whole world could ever save you!

“Throw it off!” I scream,
But, it falls on deaf ears!
Yup, it can be a puzzling thought
A fear from down the mind!
Can it be ever won?
Can I cross this ocean without fear?
Is the life-size question here!
What you need is inspiration and an ignition
Of that fire in you
With all the confidence in the world!
Yup, a plan well-laid out,
A vision well –seen,
With all the willingness,
From your heart and soul,
It can be won at any cost!
Be not in a troubled state of mind,
Nor get drowned in the pool of destructive notions,
Just step out, be bold enough to say
“I wanna do it and I WILL”!
Phobias never help you win any battle,
And, there is nothing like ‘courage’ to face it!