Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happiness is having loads of 'Chakka'

For the first time in my life, I 'bought' a jack fruit!!!!!! 
In Kerala, it is available in plenty and one doesn't have to really buy. Come summer, and you will get it from someone or the other, even if you don't have your own jack fruit tree! Anyway, I bought one today!  My evening was completely dedicated to this fruit which looks complex on the outer, but is sweet when you go deep into it. It is a tough task to cut and take out the fruits, all alone, but it is surely worth the time and effort put in...


In Tamil Nadu, most people just enjoy it as a fruit, the raw ones are not used in any form. In Kerala, we make a variety of dishes with jack fruit. Chakka puzhukku, chakka avial, chakka payasam, chakka varattiyathu are a few to mention!

The soft pith is great for poriyal and is one good ingredient for avial

That is not all, the seeds are used to make poriyal (thoran) and stir fry.

Chakka chips are also one great snack! On the whole, everything about the chakka can tickle the taste buds, and I just love it! Looking forward to enjoying more of this fruit during my vacation in God's own country!


  1. Happiness in alluring...!! Mmmm I can smell it rght hre...Missing god's own country.... :(

  2. Ennu tanne pore ennal...Saturday vare enthayalum athu

  3. Yummy... Its my fav fruit too... But didnt knw u can make so many dishes from it....