Sunday, April 13, 2014

Movie Time

After a long time, I got to watch an Anthikad movie - Oru Indian Pranaya Kadha. Though I was not really for a movie today, it helped me revive a bit. Anthikad is always known to come out with themes connected with ordinary lives and this too takes the same track. It gives a strong and worthwhile message to people who miss out on the little things in life, owing to their march towards power and other comforts in life! What they lose is only known, only when it is too late. Unfortunately, the transformation that happens to the protagonist happens only in movies, not in real life! A pity! It is always a pain to open the inner eye, for most people!And it is the most painful thing to realise!

And, Thanks to Vani for the share! Wished you were here for the watch!


  1. Looks like its a great movie with a strong theme... And I totaly agree with what you said in the last few lines...