Thursday, April 17, 2014


Today was a WEIRD day! I am not sure if the adjective used is apt here. 

We are marching towards the vacation and that thought brings in some joy. But it is also a time when many changes happen, some are good, some are bad, but that is life, a mixture of all these!

So, happenings from today! That too was a mixture!

So from today, Reena is no longer a colleague. I came to know her as a colleague and then we became good friends. I would surely miss her pranks, and my comments that irritate her. But there is no ‘Bye’ that would come out from both of us! The thought that she has left is a little painful and I would miss her at work! 

This was an awesome one. Gauri has been showing great interest in books these days and I saw into that I could do everything to get him stuck in the wonderful world of reading. Last week I got him a set of Hindi stories too, but he wasn’t that attracted to those. Today when I met his Hindi Sir, I casually mentioned about it. What happened after this was amazing! Just after 5 minutes, Sir came to me and handed me a small piece of paper and said, “Give it to Gauri, Miss!” I opened it and what I found made me sooo happy. It was a small letter to Gauri!

Hello Gauri, 
How are you? I miss you so much. Hope you are enjoying your holidays. I have a request to you. If you like your Thomas Sir so much and if you want to be a good boy always, then read the books that your mom has given you. I will listen to your stories once you are back at school. Please read and enjoy! Keep Smiling. Thomas Sir

I guess I don’t have to tell what happened when I gave this note to Gauri! Surely, we need more teachers like him! Hats off! Admiration won by one’s actions is more valuable than a thousand words spoken! No wonder, he is a hero for his students!

My musings! The day has been weird as I had mentioned, and my musings too. Robert Frost ‘s poem “The Road not taken” trapped my mind for a while. It is one of my personal favourites. A few lines kept haunting me. Yeah, it sounded absolutely wonderful! Some paths in life cannot be retreaded and it would be futile to look back and regret. Things would never be the same. It is so damn true! 

That's enough for this weird day!

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  1. I am too missing you very much dear. There is a kind of blank feeling, something precious missing without u. On the day when i met you i never thought we would become friends, and once we became friends I never imagined of a time where it ll be difficult to see you. It all happened too fast. I know we will never have a good bye bcoz you are always my sweet best loving friend and sister. I wish there can be some day in future to come, where we will be collegues again.Miss you very much dear :)